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“Energy Cost Reduction & Mix Optimization”

The current trend of energy usage will cost a heavy expense to neutralize ecological damage in future. Developing countries like India will suffer more than developed countries because of its economic turbulence. To highlight this growing concern two distinct business meet were organised by MITCON Consultancy & Engineering focusing on “Energy Cost Reduction & Mix Optimization, Sugar and dairy industry In the State Of Maharashtra”, at Hotel Sheraton Grand Pune which was sponsored by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency and co- sponsored by a bunch of expertise on the area of renewable energy and Energy Management Solution.

The event started with eminent delegates of MNRE, MITCON, MEDA communicating the current energy consumption trends and thus challenges India might faces in future. India currently 3rd largest crude oil consuming country and currently has jumped to 84.5% of country’s need up from 83% in last year. The situation is very alarming right now and that’s why PM has set a mission of producing 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022 and 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030.

Industry delegates have also learnt about different technological solutions that they can adapt to save energy from implementing solar panels, energy efficient panels to avail Industrial IOT based solution to monitor their energy usage. The importance of energy monitoring is very crucial for companies to reduce excess operational cost and as we are talking about energy optimization, companies should keep a track on their energy usage in every hour. IOT based monitoring solution extract real time accurate data and help companies in decision making.

The Broader Objective is to promote, develop and diffuse knowledge in the various fields of Renewable Energy Source and assist the Government of Maharashtra and the Govt. of India in the efforts to develop and promote Renewable and alternate energy sources/technologies, evolve and promote energy conservation measures. Elliot Systems was proud to sponsor that event. We were the only company with “Energy Monitoring System” presenting at that conference.

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