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Energy conservation and efficient energy usage is a big challenge. According to  Energy Conservation Act 2001, energy audit is mandatory for every commercial firm in India. 

The objectives of energy audits are:

  • Industries often change their energy demand adapting to business & market conditions. An energy audit helps companies determine their energy needs and optimize energy usage in line with their business needs. A combination of energy audit and energy meter monitoring can reduce costs through optimum usage, gaining incentives and avoiding penalties.

  • Harmonic distortion often causes overheating and reduces machine efficiency over a period of time. An energy audit helps to reduce poor power quality and resolve issues of harmonics.

  • Become ISO 50001 energy management compliant.  In many companies this is a board level decision taken sometimes to become a net zero company.

Our energy audit and consultation service helps you meet any of the above objectives. We collect many energy  parameters and by analyzing them provide you reports by problem area & also the solutions.  

Our BEE certified energy auditors have successfully conducted more than 32 energy audits on the following projects:

Air conditioning

• Lighting

• Compressed Air system

• Pump efficient evaluation and pumping system

• D. G. Sets

• Heat Exchangers and waste heat recovery

• Power Quality Improvement (Harmonics and PF improvement)

•  Boiler & steam system

•  Thermography

•  Cooling tower performance

•  CT condition

•  Fan sizing & pump selection

•  HVAC analysis of chillers

•  AHU, piping

•  Insulation

•  Small air conditioning units

•  VAM systems

•  Hot/warm water systems

•  Cold/chilled water systems

•  WHR (waste heat recovery) systems

•  Steam ejector systems

•  Water ejector system

•  Fans & blowers

•  Electrical load balancing

•  Demand control

•  Transformer loading

•  Power Factor

•  DG set performance evaluation

Contact us for your energy audit needs.


Walk Through Audit

This process involves walking through the entire facilities or campus and identifying all areas and equipment of energy consumption.


The process involves cost effective analysis and action plan to reduce consumption.

Energy Benchmarking

This process compare performance of a device to it's peer.

Investment Grade Audit

This audit analyses all energy consumption and provides financial impact of investments and ROI.

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