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Elliot Systems' unique proprietary solutions for Energy Management, Flow Management, and Machine Management have been well appreciated in the industry. Our solutions can be applied in each & every sector, including auto, auto ancillary, food, pharmaceuticals, electrical, electronics, chemicals, jewelry, aviation & others. We have also seen success in educational institutes & hospitals.

We help reduce operational costs of our customers with the our unique IIoT solutions. We are looking to increase the number of partners to take these solutions to the market and increase the productivity and ROI of your existing clients across India. You will become our brand ambassadors. Our products are easy to use, and access is available online, anytime from anywhere. If you are already dealing in industrial products or providing services  and want to expand your services with IIoT technologies, we promise an excellent opportunity for you.

Apply to become an Elliot Systems channel partner today!


  • Grow your business

  • Add an additional revenue stream

  • Sell your products and services to new customers

  • Provide a benefit that every customer wants

  • Zero to minimum inventory exposure

  • Fast sales closure

  • Leverage your contacts in the industry

  • Expand your portfolio or products & services

  • Participate in new technology

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